Water supply and sewerage project

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The sewer project will link the sewer system with other engineering systems, as well as reduce the number of maintenance cleanups.

A sewerage project in a house is necessary and useful not only at the stage of designing a future house, but also after its construction. This applies to old houses that the owners plan to improve and renovate. But at the same time, it must be taken into account that strict sanitary, environmental, and technical requirements are imposed on the arrangement of the sewer.
The sewer is assembled from a number of blocks:

  • the internal pipeline has the only exit from the building and cuts into the general sewerage by means of a check valve that prevents the return of water through the system;
  • the external sewage system is created in the form of a cesspool, a storage tank, a biological station cleaning;
  • storm sewers can be equipped with a separate drain or connected to a public sewer.

Designers make the following calculations:
  • define plumbing installation sites in accordance with standards and norms, taking into account the method of connection to the sewer;
  • choose wastewater disposal technology (pressure or gravity);
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  • develop a diagram of intra-house communication wiring (indicate the characteristics pipe teak and angle of inclination during installation, the need to install a pump, types of pipes and their connection points);
  • set the optimal diameter of the pipes, calculating the power of the equipment in the system;
  • think over the location of the risers and fan pipes that compensate for the pressure in the system;
  • draw up an external sewerage scheme with the designation of the angle of inclination of the pipe, the depth of occurrence and the junction with the general sewage system, the house system;
  • indicate the installation sites of the collection system, wastewater treatment.

Almost all homeowners who consider a sewerage project in a private house an unnecessary expense item lose quite a large amount during construction and operation.
The project allows you to accurately select equipment and consumables materials to get the system of the required power and not overpay. With all the necessary schemes for conducting pipelines and joints, installation becomes easier and faster. You eliminate the risk of making a mistake and win in time.
Another advantage is that if you decide to contact a contractor, you will know exactly how much money you need for installation, how long it should be carried out, what to look for .

Inzhener Services

Our The company carries out the design, installation and commissioning of the sewer system. A certified specialist will prepare for you a set of documents - an explanatory note and drawings - which will allow you to assemble a reliable and convenient water drainage system.

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