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Audit of projects – the solution to which is often used in the case of changing design schemes, inconsistencies object actual regulations, before the renovation, selling your home or to verify a contractor. The objective of the procedure is to detect inconsistencies and errors in project documentation, as well as to offer options for their correction. Therefore, the choice of organization that conduct testing should be approached seriously.

Problems audit projects:
  • evaluation of technical condition of engineering systems of the object;
  • the detection and correction of discrepancies between the design documentation and the actual implementation;
  • development of measures to ensure proper operation of all systems;
  • optimization of expenses for maintenance;
  • determination of reserves for the implementation of reconstruction;
  • examination of plots for the construction of new facilities for the communications to them.

If the client suggests that the design was done poorly, it's much easier and cheaper to conduct a timely audit than after solve the problems caused by errors.
Unaccounted functions and algorithms systems delay the carrying out erection and commissioning works. The project carried out without taking into account other systems, does not allow for correct installation. And without exception, mistakes are fraught with costs.

Stages of audit projects

  • Analysis of the current state of utilities, inspection of technical parameters and checking of the initial characteristics, as well as overall assessment of the effectiveness of all systems (water supply, drainage, heating, sewage, ventilation, air-conditioning, energy saving).
  • Analysis of problem areas, definition of problems, evaluation of the degree of deterioration of the equipment.
  • Verification of technical and operational documentation.
  • The results of the expert opinion report on the current status, problems and replacement is necessary, recommendations on elimination of problems, the modernization and optimization of maintenance costs of the system.

The final cost of verification depends on the class of the building, square footage, and the amount of ongoing research. Sometimes the problem is clearly localized, so it is identifying and addressing do not require a large investment of time and effort.
The commercial benefit of the audit is evident. The results of the study allow to develop the project, implement new features, eliminate weaknesses and reduce the budget. In some cases, a full audit allows you to find new idea for the organization of utilities and new way to solve the problem.


Our company accepts the audit projects of any object: from private homes to industrial sites. All works are carried out by a certified specialist who has all the necessary information on advanced technologies and the latest equipment, allowing to optimize most effectively.
The project audit is carried out at a convenient time for the customer and without stopping operation of the object.

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