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Creating a Building Information Model (BIM) is an excellent opportunity not only to visualize the workflow, but also to organize the management of the entire life cycle of an object. The advantages of information modeling are noticeable at all stages: construction, equipping, operation, repair and liquidation of buildings. Many design organizations operate in the BIM environment, and their number is growing every year. Having such models is an important part of a successful business.


The creation of a BIM model involves the formation of a database that contains information about the characteristics of an object or product. The information should be as complete and accurate as possible. Thanks to specialized software, the BIM model can be used to draw up engineering, structural and architectural sections of a construction project.

Building Information Modeling BIM simplifies communication between professionals, reduces the need for paper media and reduces the influence of the human factor on decision-making. You can order such a useful service from the Engineer company. You will receive high quality work, adequate cost and coverage throughout Belarus.


The CAD system is well established and widely used today. However, this is the decision of yesterday. BIM creates not only graphics, but also a complete set of information. This allows you to automatically generate reports and drawings, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the project, draw up a graphical model and manage the object. Designing becomes simpler and more efficient as specialists can interact with each other with complete information models.

Let's list the most significant advantages of creating BIM models:

  • Centralized data storage
  • Elimination of errors due to automatic coordination of all types of building or structure
  • The ability to quickly make changes to all documents at once
  • Quick determination of labor costs and other financial indicators of the project
  • Reduction of all types of operating costs
  • The good thing about creating a BIM model is that you get the level of detail you want. Building simulation service speeds problem detection and resolution.


    Modeling a construction site is a service that is in demand both in Minsk and throughout Belarus. The Engineer company sells a complex product. For the agreed price you will receive:

    • Coordinating the building information model (BIM) process
    • Drawing up technical specifications for modeling
    • Writing an Information Modeling Plan
    • Quality control of models
    • Search for collisions and recommendations for elimination
    • Creating families
    • Modeling and calculations of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
    • Generation of specifications of equipment and materials for an object, section, room, individual properties
    • Combining models
    • Preparation of construction assignments
    • Preparation of materials for the procurement procedure
    • Track Simulation Progress
    • Comparison of models
    • Visual and 3D presentations 
    • BEM energy model of a building

    Engineer specialists listen to the wishes of the customer and produce a completely unique product. The creation of BIM models with us is an act of engineering creativity that takes place in accordance with the requirements for information content and the level of detail. Clients receive a ready-made solution presented in the form of a library.

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