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Conditioning system is a system with a large number of features that allows you to install and maintain indoor comfort and a healthy microclimate. Conditioners regulate parameters such as temperature, humidity, purity and circulation rate of air. Therefore, it is very important that the system was meticulously designed and worked properly.

Why use a consultant?

  • A consultant is able to provide a plan considering all requirements for your home which then enables you to get competitive and comparative quotes more effectively.
  • Using a consultant is beneficial because they provide an unbiased design to suit your home.
  • With so many brands available such as: Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, Daikin, Fujitsu and Hitachi it offers the client piece of mind that the consultant is an independent voice without specific affiliations to a certain brand.

The importance of good air conditioning design

  • A consultant will take time to consider unit location to ensure effective proximity, maintenance access and aesthetic location.
  • Without a consultant there is high potential for under sizing equipment resulting in poor internal temperatures or over-sizing resulting in over pricing and poor temperature control due to high air movement.
  • A consultant understands glazing solar heat gain which is commonly misunderstood and is able to consider: glass type, solar factor, shading coefficient and orientation all of which are crucial to a successful design.
  • A consultant will make unit selections based on specific heat load calculations. Correct calculations ensure that equipment selected meets your specific requirements.
  • A consultant will consider acoustics and vibration aspects as they relate to the living space.

Design and its benefits

Design of air conditioning (from the apartment to the trading floor) – a task that requires the appropriate knowledge and experience. But according to the results, you get several advantages:
  • efficient organization of air exchange, regardless of the complexity of architectural objects;
  • optimum consumption of resources for the organization of the system, as designers will select the equipment considering the customer's budget and tasks;
  • time savings, as the design allows to clearly define the stages of work, their complexity and deadlines.

Professional designer determines what equipment to buy, where to install and how to use.

The stages of the system design

The preparation of detailed and thoughtful project involves several stages of work:
  • the collection and analysis of drawings of all serviced areas taking into account the placement of furniture, equipment;
  • determination of air flow velocity and distribution;
  • the choice of the type of conditioning, as well as units for air conditioners (inner, outer);
  • consideration of the level of noise systems for equipment with silencers;
  • the draft, make edits and design workload design.

As a result, the customer receives a number of documents, reflecting all operations, calculations and the peculiarities of the system:
  • General information about the project, accompanied by an explanatory note with detailed information about system equipment;
  • hydraulic calculation cooling;
  • scheme of automation;
  • isometric diagram;
  • the calculations of heat gain and so on.

High-quality designing not only ensures long and reliable operation of the entire system, but also a high level of safety of people in premises.

The services

Our company designs systems for all types of buildings: cottages, apartment buildings, industrial and commercial premises. We also conduct audit of complete projects, identify errors and help to optimize your projects.
The design holds a certified specialist. You will know exactly what equipment is best suited for your building, as you need time and money to create the system. This will allow efficient use of allocated budget, and to navigate the stages.
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