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To ensure your building is running optimally, and to make infrastructure improvements to reduce your energy, operational and maintenance costs, you need a good understanding of your building performance and energy usage, as well as a strategy for managing and optimizing operations.

Traditional building management systems typically have stand-alone applications with separate monitoring and control stations for BMS/HVAC Controls, energy metering and power management, central plant equipment. While each application has limited value by itself, the real power lies in managing them as a single integrated and intelligent solution.

Building Management System helps meet the comfort and safety needs of your occupants while also promoting increased your operational and energy efficiency through a full range of BMS/HVAC, energy, air quality. The single coordinated view of these systems, and their synchronized response, promotes a safer and more energy efficient building every day. BMS indicates direct correlations between heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) parameters such as temperatures, fan speed, damper settings, and the system energy demand to help fine tune system control algorithms and set points.

BMS is solution that provides convenient, single-point monitoring and control of your building’s HVAC, energy management and environmental controls:
  • Heating
  • Ventilating
  • Zoning
  • Humidification
  • Air conditioning
  • Burner/boiler and combustion controls
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