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Commissioning of complex systems, as well as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, ITP, chillers, air conditioners

Commissioning is the stage that completes the creation of engineering communications and turns tons of equipment into an efficiently functioning system. Typically, regulation begins as early as the installation of communication components in order to improve the quality of work and minimize the amount of defects. The best option is the situation in which the design, installation and commissioning is carried out by one organization.

Tasks that are solved during commissioning

Commissioning is a trial run of equipment to compare the quality of its work and the standards that it must comply with. Includes the following work:
  • equipment setup;
  • comparison of the assembled system with the original project;
  • detection and correction of deficiencies;
  • checking communications for safety and reliability;
  • checking the readiness of equipment for launch and long-term operation.

Based on the results of the work, the customer receives a certification of the object and a detailed technical report.

Stages of commissioning

  • Familiarization with the project for which the installation of utilities was carried out.
  • Direct inspection of the system for visible shortcomings.
  • Measuring the technical performance of the equipment included in the engineering system.
  • Comparing the actually assembled communication and the project for discrepancies.
  • Checking for compliance with the technical requirements and standards that exist in the field of engineering communications.
  • Checking for compliance with the stated requirements for system power and performance.
  • Certification, reporting and transfer of papers to the customer.

Professional commissioning ensures reliable and high-quality operation of engineering systems in the future. It is usually carried out before putting a new object into use or after a significant reconstruction of the old building.
The technical report contains indications of all errors and shortcomings found during the commissioning process, as well as recommendations for their effective elimination.


Certification implies that the customer receives a set of documents necessary for the operation, maintenance and modernization of engineering systems. All documents are drawn up strictly according to existing standards, and the operation of the system is checked as detailed as possible. Therefore, you can be sure that the regulatory authorities will approve the commissioned project.

Inzhener services

Our company carries out commissioning works in the field of engineering communications. We work with both small (apartment, house) and large (commercial premises, production site) objects. And all works are carried out according to accepted standards and norms.
Start-up and adjustment works are carried out by a certified specialist. You can be sure that the system approved by him will work reliably, safely and for a long time, and will also pass government inspection without any problems.

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