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The cost of calling a specialist for inspection, consultation, elimination of defects in heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems is calculated based on the complexity of the object and the time spent. 

We are pleased to offer you our experience in solving the following problems:

  • heating turned off
  • mold on windows
  • condensation on windows
  • cold radiators
  • cool radiators
  • cold radiators
  • cool radiators
  • cold bottom radiators
  • cold bottom radiators
  • warm floor cold
  • cold in the house
  • noise in the heating
  • noise in the ventilation
  • blowing air
  • draft
  • noise in the pipes< /li>
  • complete the house
  • add the floor
  • it's hot in the house
  • it's damp in the house
  • it's stuffy in the house
  • it's stuffy in the apartment
  • ventilation
  • heating problems
  • ventilation problems
  • air conditioning problems
  • < li> extract to bathroom
  • house hood
  • kitchen hood
  • heating does not work well
  • ventilation does not work well
  • does not work well air conditioning
  • blowing from ventilation
  • dampness in the house
  • dampness in the apartment
  • blowing from plastic windows
  • not the battery heats up
  • batteries make noise
  • mold on the slopes
  • it's cold at home
  • fungus on the windows
  • mold on plastic windows
  • half of the battery is cold
  • the batteries are cold
  • condensation on the windows causes
  • blowing from the ventilation into the apartment
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