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smart control technology

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Choose the desired control method or combine several: Smart Panel controls, Smart Access , hood or Modbus for building automation.

Main functions
If necessary, you can switch to the appropriate operating mode or let the pre-programmed weekly hours switch the operating mode according to the desired daily rhythm.
Increased air flow
Large airflow is used, when the need for ventilation increases, such as cooking, sauna, showering or drying clothes.
At home
Normal air flow. Ensures that the house has enough fresh air and that the building structure is in the best condition.
Away strong>
Low airflow. Reduces energy consumption when there is little need for ventilation in the home.
< small>Very low airflow and lower supply air temperature. Used when there is no one in the house.

Compensation functions

Compensates the ventilation flow in the house to make it easier for residents.

Exhaust function
Balances ventilation when using a hood. Helps prevent excessive negative pressure and improves the ability of the hood to remove smoke.

Central vacuum function
Balances ventilation when using a central vacuum . Helps prevent excessive negative pressureand improves cleaning results.

Automatic functions (options)

Intelligent ventilation is able to determine the needs of residents. The Smart System measures indoor air quality and knows exactly what kind of ventilation is needed in different situations.

Intelligent humidity (RH) automation as standard
The most advanced humidification automation on the market is now standard on all new Swegon CASA air handling units. Whereas traditional humidity sensors only switch ventilation to high ventilation, intelligent automation constantly analyzes the air in the room and adjusts ventilation according to actual changes in humidity.

Automatic Home/Away/Boost (CO2)
Automatically switches ventilation to Away modeand saves energy when the house is empty. When residents are at home, the ventilation automatically increases to bring exactly the right amount of fresh air into the house .

Air Quality Automation (VOC)
Increases ventilation if too many contaminants such as odors or vapors (evaporative organic connections).

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