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Swegon Connect

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Swegon Connect is a communication device that provides remote access via mobile communication to smart climate products and systems, which can facilitate monitoring, configuration, troubleshooting, service and maintenance.

Swegon Connect has a number of features that make the user experience easier, such as:

  • Design that is easy to use and navigate
  • Map showing where Swegon Connect is located

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    • Swegon Connect status symbols (All OK, Offline, Pause and Alarms)
    • Feedback function where you can rate, request new features or other comments
    • < li>The ability to use your email address as a username

    Examples of products that can be connected to Swegon Connect are GOLD, NESTOR, Super WISE and other external equipment with their own web server. Swegon chillers and heat pumps can be accessed through NESTOR or SMART Link in GOLD. With an optional switch, Swegon Connect can connect to up to eight products.

    • Mobile remote connection
    • Problems can be identified and resolved faster
    • Reduced maintenance costs and support
    • Built-in firewall
    • Mobile subscription included
Try Swegon Connect - a connection point for management, maintenance and monitoring! Access it directly from your web browser and test the features and functionality of Swegon Connect.

Demo project

Connection to two GOLD version E air handling units with IQLogic control system using Swegon connect.

Address: http://swegonconnect.com
Username: Demo
Password: Demo1234

Connected Products:
User name: local
Password: 0000

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