Adjustment of ventilation

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Testing and adjustment of ventilation is the final stage of design, installation and verification of the system. Even professionally designed and assembled ventilation will not work with design efficiency if adjustment and adjustment have not been carried out.


loads, for which experts use:
  • multimeters - to measure voltage, resistance, current;
  • noise meters - to measure the noise level of work;
  • anemometers - to fix the speed of air movement.

Thanks to these parameters, specialists can determine the parameters of the system, evaluate its tightness and the accuracy of building air ducts.

Commissioning stages

• Inspection of ventilation networks

If the project is developed by a third party, experts carefully examine the ventilation and air conditioning systems. After that, the premises are examined, a visual inspection of the equipment is carried out, a check for breaks, and the insulation of pipelines and air ducts is also studied.

• Adjustment and regulation of ventilation systems

Specialists measure the flow rate, analyze the differential pressure in the filters, measure the noise level, check the speed of rotation of the fan blades.
If during the check deviations from the design norms are detected, the specialists adjust the system and re-test it for all specified parameters. Only after the taken indicators coincide with the indicators in the project, the system will be considered debugged and ready for operation. systems while reducing fuel consumption.
  • Simplify site licensing and accreditation checks. When ventilation is put into operation, a package of documents is drawn up, including an acceptance certificate, documents for calculating the frequency of air exchange, etc.
  • Guaranteed long-term and correct operation of the system.
  • Company services « Engineer»

    Our company organizes testing and adjustment of ventilation systems in accordance with all existing standards. We also design and assemble communications using the latest technologies and equipment for our own purposes.
    All design, installation, commissioning work is carried out by certified specialists. Based on the results of their work, you receive not only an acceptance certificate, but also a whole package of documents confirming the correct operation of the ventilation system.
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