Air handling units

Supply ventilation

One of the options for creating a ventilation system in a cottage, we can offer the installation of supply ventilation, which takes air from the street.

Then the ventilation system filters, heats or cools the air, delivers it inside the cottage, as if “supporting” it from the inside with air and thereby creating excess pressure. Then the forced air enters all the premises of the cottage through the air ducts, or “flows” under pressure through the overflow channels (slots) or gratings from one room to another. even at the construction stage of the cottage.

In the cold season, the supply air must be heated to a comfortable temperature. To do this, the supply unit is equipped with an electric or water heater.

To maintain a comfortable temperature in the cottage during the hot season, you can install a separate supply ventilation system and a separate air conditioning system. In this case, the supply ventilation unit supplies fresh, warm outdoor air, and the air conditioner only cools it indoors.

In another case, the supply ventilation unit supplies already cooled air to the cottage premises. To do this, a cooling section is installed in the supply ventilation system - a heat exchanger, to which a refrigeration machine - an air conditioner is connected. As a result, the air taken from the street is cooled and is supplied through the air ducts already cooled.

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