Industrial ventilation project

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Assimilation of harmful emissions, local suction, maintenance of air parameters for complex technological processes, purification, aspiration, emergency ventilation.

The main tasks of industrial ventilation are: ensuring the safety of people in the premises, eliminating the possibility of the formation of an explosive atmosphere, diluting or purifying the emitted harmful substances to the maximum permissible concentration, eliminating the flow of air into other premises and, if possible, reducing fire safety requirements.

Without a well-planned ventilation system, not a single building and structure can operate. The influx of fresh air is a healthy microclimate in the room, because in this way dangerous substances are diluted to the maximum permissible concentration. The correct design of industrial ventilation will increase the energy efficiency of the facility and reduce its operating costs. It also helps to ensure the safety of people, including on evacuation routes.

Design stages

Drawing up a project should be entrusted to a specialist, because you will need to perform a whole range of work. It includes:
  • Collecting and studying all the initial data about the object.
  • Formulation of key requirements.
  • Drafting the terms of reference in accordance with accepted standards and applicable world practice.
  • Selection of system elements with their subsequent placement.
  • Calculation of industrial ventilation parameters: air exchange, air distribution, aerodynamics, acoustics, heat and humidity conditions, air treatment process.
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  • Calculation of the specification of equipment, products and materials, preparation of questionnaires
  • Coordination of the ventilation project with related sections and specialized services.
  • Protection of the project in the instances: Energy Supervision, State Expertise and others.

The design of industrial ventilation is carried out taking into account construction, sanitary and fire safety standards regulated by the state.

Documentary substantiation

The norms and requirements according to which the project is drawn up depend on the type of building and its purpose. Conventionally, all buildings can be divided into groups:
  • Industrial/production.
  • Residential.
  • Administrative/public.
< p> If we talk about the basic document, then the design of industrial ventilation systems should take into account SN 4.02.03-2019 (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning). Industrial complexes, in which a complex technological process is organized, deserve special attention. In this case, not only the microclimate, but also the quality of the products depends on the correctness of the project. In rooms with increased requirements for air purity, it is often necessary to install local aspiration or purification systems.

Designing the ventilation of an industrial building requires the availability or preparation of the following documents:
  • Certificates-permits for the relevant design work.
  • Explanatory note indicating the key parameters:
    • data on the estimated amounts of harmful emissions, the volume of air removed by local exhausts;
    • description of fundamental decisions on indoor air ventilation systems;
    • description of the placement of ventilation equipment, characteristics materials (pipelines, air ducts, etc.);
    • description of measures for fire protection;
    • description of measures for noise protection of designed systems;
    • description of automation and dispatching systems for the process of regulating ventilation systems;
    • description of the selected air purification system.
  • Installation drawings for placing industrial equipment in ventilation chambers. We are talking about fans (axial and radial), filters, ducts, valves, exhaust units and more.
  • Floor plans with ventilation systems.
  • Assemblies.
  • Specifications of equipment and basic materials.
  • Axonometric diagrams.
  • Assignments to related sections.

A complete project includes a text part and a set of drawings drawn up according to accepted standards. All specific tasks that inevitably arise during the preparation of a project are easily solved by highly qualified design engineers with many years of experience.

IP Gantman will create for you a finished product that is optimal in terms of payback period and energy saving. It will fully comply with the law and all relevant standards. All wishes of the customer are taken into account and implemented.

You can order a turnkey industrial ventilation project or separately by calling +375 29 690 80 44 Gantman Evgeniy.

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