Design of ventilation of the house and cottage

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The advantages and disadvantages of natural, forced, centralized and decentralized ventilation systems

Do I need to draw up a ventilation project for a private house or is it enough to rely on classical ventilation? The second option is obviously lost, since the environment in the Minsk region leaves much to be desired. It turns out that the design of ventilation of a private house is mandatory? What to choose: natural or forced ventilation? Centralized or decentralized system? Let's try to figure it out.

Natural and forced ventilation

Designing natural ventilation for a residential building is the easiest task compared to other options. At the same time, there is no need to use complex structural elements and organize power supply. Warm air naturally rises, cold air naturally rises. To speed up the movement of air flows, a supply valve or fan can be placed in the ventilation shaft. Then we will talk about combined ventilation.

The project of forced ventilation of a cottage (or house) involves the use of air ducts and draft accelerators. Turbo deflectors are most often used as such means. These elements installed on the roof have their own advantages:
  • Prevent condensation in the interior of the roof.
  • Keeps rooms from heat by helping air-conditioning systems.
  • < li>Operates without power consumption.
  • Removes excess steam, moisture and carbon dioxide from the ventilation shaft.

The air in the house and cottage can be heated, cooled, cleaned. To take full advantage of all the possibilities of modern technology, entrust all design issues to specialized organizations, such as the company "Inzhener". 

Centralized and decentralized systems

Designing a centralized ventilation system for a cottage involves the arrangement of two circuits. In the first one, an extract is organized with the help of a central fan and a network of air ducts. The second circuit is responsible for supplying outdoor air, as well as cleaning and heating it. The centralized system has a number of advantages. Here are some of them:
  • Low noise.
  • Possibility of saving energy resources used for air heating due to recuperation.
  • Various auxiliary modules can be installed, for example , purification, ionization, disinfection.

A centralized system is characterized by the presence of a high-performance unit responsible for processing and subsequent distribution of air through the duct network. In decentralized systems, there are several such units and they function autonomously. Due to this separation, ventilation perfectly adapts to the features of a large private house.

Designing a decentralized ventilation system in a private house is a relatively new phenomenon. Previously, it was used mainly in industrial facilities. Its advantages include:
  • There is no need to install air ducts.
  • Static pressure losses are minimized.
  • The possibility of supplying both heated and cooled air.< /li>
  • There are no drafts in the working area.
  • Organization of different climatic zones within the same building.
You can learn more and order a house ventilation project from the company's specialists "Engineer". The design of ventilation in the house is carried out using 3D programs, which significantly reduces the likelihood of crossing communications.

 You can order a ventilation project for a private house on a turnkey basis or separately by phone +375 29 690 80 44 Gantman Evgeniy.
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