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SILVER C RX is a complete ventilation unit with a rotary heat exchanger, direct drive supply and extract air fans and supply and extract air filters.

  • Temperature efficiency, heat exchanger up to 85%
  • Air flows up to 50,400 m³/h
  • Rotary heat exchanger speed control
  • Recovers heat and cooling energy
  • Optimized fan sizes give more freedom to choose the right size air handling unit and fan options according to the needs of the installation. This also provides even more options for optimizing the energy efficiency of the current project

RECOnomic / RECOsorptic rotary heat exchanger

The rotary heat exchanger consists of an aluminum wheel with numerous small air passages. Energy is transferred between supply and extract air or vice versa when the wheel rotates. It is the most energy efficient heat recovery method with a thermal efficiency that is always above 80%. Thanks to the patented design with turbulent flow in the air channels, RECOnomic achieves a uniquely high degree of energy efficiency.

The Swegon rotary heat exchanger is also available in a sorption version (RECOsorptic), which increases energy consumption. further efficiency by dehumidifying or restoring product moisture depending on conditions and needs.

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