Turnkey ventilation systems

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A properly designed and assembled ventilation system removes carbon dioxide well, provides a comfortable level of humidity and does not chill the room. But it is not easy to establish such air exchange without specialized knowledge. Therefore, many homeowners prefer to order turnkey ventilation systems than to understand the nuances of installing communications for a long time and carefully.

Terms of Reference

< p style="text-align: justify;"> The formation of the terms of reference allows the contractor and the customer to agree on the cost of the future ventilation system and the deadlines for the completion of its project. The more detailed it is, the easier it is to work with the project, so clients often trust the development of the task to the contractor.

Ventilation calculation

< p style="text-align: justify;"> Professionals use house plans or measurements to:

  • calculate room airflow – this is the amount of air that must circulate around the room in order to create a comfortable microclimate;
  • perform aerodynamic calculations to determine the air flow and cross section of the ducts.
  • perform acoustic calculations to determine the air pressure at the outlet of the air distribution device.

The calculation takes into account the size of the room, the average number of people who are in it at the same time, and the presence of equipment that generates heat.

< /p>

Estimate and selection of equipment

couples, specialists can choose the equipment that is optimal in terms of power - air handling units, duct fans. After that, an executive layout of the location of equipment and air ducts is drawn up, as well as a project estimate.

Coordination with the customer

Discussion and approval of the project can take from several days to a month. It all depends on the features of the object and the requirements / capabilities of the client. And in this case, it is important to find a balance between the requirements of the state, the capabilities of the customer and the wishes in the future system. Therefore, calculations can be repeated so that the result completely suits the homeowner.


As a result, the customer receives a set of drawings, equipment specifications, notes for installation work, and so on.

Engineer services

Ventilation works around the clock, so it needs to be quiet, simple, reliable, affordable, and relatively inexpensive. Our company offers a turnkey ventilation service, based on the latest technological advances, which allow us to achieve the desired result.
All design work is carried out by certified specialists. They will offer a ventilation system (natural / forced, supply / exhaust), equipment and, based on drawings and calculations, they will justify their choice in detail.

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